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  • Small size unit and can be hold in hand easily
  • Self-Leveling with magnetic pendulum.
  • High visibility laser line .full orientations,high stability,handeling.
  • 5beams & 1V,1H(cross over the ceiling) ,laser lines have a large fan angle (150°) .
  • Laser lines & laser dots can be combined or independent for operation.
  • Laser line or laser dots blink if the unit is out of the self-leveling range.
  • Center locking system to lock the pendulum while in transportation to avoid the vibration(patent).
  • In /Outdoor function for option.(working with laser detector).
  • Tilting fuction(turn off the warning when the laser exceed the leveling range by the lock)
  • Compact size and handling housing with elastomeric rubber for easy carrying.

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