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i50 GNSS


The i50 GNSS receiver brings speed and accuracy in one easy-to-use GNSS solution to complete your surveying and construction projects efficiently. Combined with our LandStar7 field software and HCE320 Android controller, the i50 GNSS is the perfect surveying solution for topographic and construction positioning tasks.

The i50 GNSS receiver integrates positioning and communication technologies in a rugged unit that is designed to provide work flexibility. When RTK corrections networks are unavailable at your job sites, just easily set up one i50 GNSS UHF base and use your i50 GNSS UHF rover to conduct your surveying tasks effectively.

Other Information:

  • Full-GNSS RTK Receiver
  • Rugged and Compact
  • Versatile work modes for better flexibility
  • Uninterrupted operation

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