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FARO Zone 3D


Preserve. Prepare. Protect.

When lives are involved, you must have the best tools. As an investigator or security professional, you are under pressure to provide accurate and easy to interpret 3D scene documentation for court or pre-incident intelligence. FARO Zone 3D makes this part of your job painless with smart tools that are created for capturing a scene before or after an incident. Use measurements from many different sources to analyze the scene, create accurate 2D and 3D diagrams, present compelling walk-throughs and animations. Being prepared was never this easy.

Revolutionary Software for Public Safety Professionals

Your Scene in VR
FARO Zone 3D introduces groundbreaking virtual reality capabilities to experience crime, crash, fire, and security planning scenes in 3D. It is the only software that gives you the ability to view FARO point clouds, diagrams, reconstructions, and animations in VR. An ideal way to
interact with your scene and create training scenarios.

Present Your Case
With FARO Zone 3D’s exclusive Total View tool, create dynamic flythroughs and walkthroughs of forensic and pre-planning scenes.

Share Your Investigation
Share the forensic evidence, diagrams, animations, and analysis with prosecutors, clients, co-workers, and the courtroom.

Smart Tools
FARO Zone 3D’s pioneering Smart Tools are created for forensic investigators. Automated Blood Spatter Analysis dramatically reduces time to find the possible point of origin with convergence from multiple surfaces, and generates comprehensive reports designed for expert testimony. Use the Bullet Trajectory Smart Tool to finely adjust the plane of impact, extend lines or cones in either direction, and automatically generate a courtroom-ready report that details every trajectory.


For more than 25 years, FARO’s software developers have been the clear leaders at providing forensic investigation and preplanning software. We applied all this experience to create FARO Zone 3D, a new generation of software tools just for crash, crime, fire, and security professionals.

Precise and Fast Drawings: Extensive drawing tools, paired with Object Grips and Smart Snaps, make it easy to create accurate, 2D and 3D, diagrams to exact measurements

Powerful Analysis: Perform comprehensive analysis for bullet trajectory, blood spatter, vehicle momentum, critical speed yaw, speed from skids, road profile, vehicle crush, and more

Compelling 3D Results: Anyone can create accurate 3D diagrams and impressive animations that give courtroom presentations the “CSI Effect”

Compatible: Open diagrams from CAD Zone applications, ARAS, and other standard CAD formats. Bring in manual measurements, satellite maps, data from total stations, and point clouds from drones and laser scanners*

Affordable: Competitively priced with discounts when purchasing multiple copies. Existing FARO public safety and forensic software users qualify for a low, introductory price

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