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Faro Zone 2D


FARO Zone 2D is an innovative new software application for creating 2D scene diagrams, such as diagrams for state crash reports, crime scene  investigation, and pre-incident plans. Its intuitive user interface, with keyboard shortcuts, is designed for all public safety professionals who want to create accurate diagrams in minutes. Choose from thousands of pre-drawn symbols to add to your diagrams, quickly place text and
dimensions, and automatically snap every detail into place. FARO Zone 2D is also compatible with other FARO public safety software applications.

Why Choose FARO Zone 2D

• Easy to learn – Flexible user interface that automatically scales to fit any device and can be customized to the size and color that works best for you

• Accurate – Use measurements from multiple sources, including manual measurements, total station data, full-scale satellite images, and top-down images of point clouds

• Fast – Reduce drawing time by using pre-drawn symbols, forms, and templates for public safety

• Efficient – Finish diagrams faster with automatic snaps, right-click options, and keyboard shortcuts

• Compatible -Import diagrams from CAD Zone software, Blitz and other standard CAD formats, such as .dxf and .dwg

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