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Emergency responders, fire investigators, security professionals, and other public safety experts are faced with having fewer people and more tasks. You know the importance of pre-incident planning, but who has time for it? Now you do, with the FARO® ScanPlan!

FARO ScanPlan, an innovative, handheld device that enables you to measure and document 2D floor plans of buildings in no time. Simply walk through the building at normal speed and point the ScanPlan at the walls. As you walk, the floor plan diagram is created in real-time on a smartphone (Android or iPhone). The ScanPlan captures nearly 29,000 points/second, with a 230° field of view, so even the most complex buildings can be mapped in minutes.

FARO Zone 2D diagramming software, included with the ScanPlan, has everything you need to turn your floor plan maps into complete pre-incident plans. Easily show critical details with NFPA and other industry-standard symbols, add notes, photographs, and measurements. Pre-incident planning has never been so easy!

Capture 2D Floor Plans as You Walk
Walk through the building at normal speed and record an 2D plan of the floors.

Map Floor Plans on Multiple Floors
Capture floor plans on multiple levels and organize them into one project.

Visualize the Floor Plan in Real Time
View the floor plan as it is being scanned so you can be confident the entire building is documented when you leave.

Document Critical Details With Photographs
Add photographs and annotations directly to the floor plan to document all the details of the scene.

Finished Diagrams, Fast
Generate walls automatically, use predrawn symbols and smart tools in FARO Zone software to quickly and easily complete your diagrams.


Easy to Use
Use the familiar interface of a smartphone app to control the ScanPlan, visualize and save your projects.

Extended Scanning Time
Scan for two hours with one battery.

Complete Solution
Use FARO Zone 2D software (included), to turn any floor plan map into a completed diagram by adding doors, stairs, hazardous materials, notes, dimensions, and more.

Document More Buildings in Less Time
Just walk and point the ScanPlan at the walls to capture nearly 29,000 points/sec with a 230° field of view.

Compatible With Most Smartphones
Most Android and iOS phones are supported with the free app. A compatible smartphone is also available separately.

Portable and Lightweight
At only 1.5 kg (3.3 lb), the ScanPlan is easily carried with one hand.

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