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FARO AsBuilt Suite


Point Cloud Modeling and more across Autodesk® AEC Software Platforms

FARO As-Built Suite is a product bundle of FARO’s As-Built Plug-ins for AutoCAD@ and Autodesk® Revit@, that accelerates the evaluation of laser scan data significantly. It provides a complete set of powerful point cloud processing tools supplemented by analytical and photogrammetry capabilities and the ability to connect total stations to AutoCAD@, all under one license. Utilizing the As-Built Suite enables service providers the maximize flexibility to deal with 3D documentation tasks in every business field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC).

Powerfull Tools for Point Cloud Modeling & Analysis
Accelerate point cloud processing with enhanced scan navigation, geometry extraction tools, intuitive sectioning and intelligent SmartS naps.

Intelligent Industry Tools
Create industry specific 2D and 3D results from as-built data according to the specific documentation task. Extract: 2D plans, 3D building elements, topo features, pipe and steel structure, tanks, or generate new BIM Family objects.

Support of Multiple Sensors and Surveying Technologies
Work with different instrument types like 3D laser scanners, drones, mobile mapping systems, cameras, and combine the data of the different sensors in one AutoCAD@ plan. Connect a total station with AutoCAD@ software and draw complete plans on-site. Define a 3D framework for the positioning of laser scans or stake out references from the design into reality.

Superior Analytical Functions
Visualize deviations of as-built CAD models with point clouds in configurable heatmaps, elevation plans or lists to verify for the accuracy of modeling. Analyse tanks, calculate masses and volumes.

Combine Feature Data with CAD Objects and Structured Room Schedules
Manage room polygons and additional spatial information in a clear and freely adaptable tree structure. Export the area data to text tables or directly to databases (for example to a CAFM system).


• AII-In-One solution for processing scan data within familiar Autodesk@ environment

• Affordable investment compared to buying separate AsBuilt programs

• Convenient laser scan data extraction between As-Built software modules to serve various industry specifications

• Supports most commonly used laser scanner and total station 3rd party data formats

• Convenient software handling, considering that all software tools are stored under one license

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