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3-D Laserscanning Anti-Glare Spray

Industry Application:

To achieve optimal test results with 3-D Laser Scanning it is often necessary to apply an antireflection coating. Our 3-D Laserscanning Anti-Glare Spray and 3-D Laserscanning Cleaner are especially designed for this purpose. Due to its fine-grained structure it is possible to apply evenly layers of minimal thickness. The 3-D Anti-Glare Spray is the right product to meet the required accuracy of laser technology.

Test it!
Operation: Before measuring clean the surface with 3-D Laserscanning Cleaner. Shake Anti-Glare aerosol can well before use. Spray a thin layer onto the surface at approx. 20 cm distance. The Anti-Glare Spray is easily removable by using the 3-D Cleaner.

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